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I thought the characters were ok. I think there could have been a little more roles in the book. The main character (Laurie) was pretty nosy and persistent. She was always worried about everything going on around her. She wanted to play detective the whole book and solve all the cases for her self. I thought the mob boss Paul Cerino was pretty laid back and cool. He did his job and acted just like a real mob boss would. He would just stay calm and out of trouble all while giving out orders to his hit men. Paul's two hit men, Angelo and Tony, also did a good job in playing their roles. They would go to Paul and he would go tell them to do kill some body and they would go stake them out, interrogate them, and then kill them just like they were told.

I thought the writer did a good job on both their roles. If I had to relate to some body in the story I think it would probably have to be the doctor, Jordan Schettfield. Jordan was forced against his will to serve the mob boss Paul Cerino and if he didn't do what Paul said then he would have been killed. If I were in that position I would have done exactly what Jordan did. Paul made Jordan break the law in some ways to give him what he wanted and that's what I would have done if it meant saving my own life. Jordan was also the one who tried to mind his own business