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Blanche DuBoisBlanche DuBois, the main character in Tennesse William's play in "A Streetcar Named Desire"�. Before we analyze Blanche one must understand the reason why she moves to New Orlean and joins her sister, Stella and brother-in-law Stanley after a long time. In the first scene we can understand what prompted Blanche to move. Blanche left her home to join her sister, because her life was miserable in her former place of residence. She had sexual relation with anyone who would agree to it. The rest of scenes from 1 to 7 Blanche is an educated, poetic person, who talks a lot and speaks her mind and she didn't like Stanley.

She was an English teacher at a highschool and at one point she had intimacies with her student. The superinterdent, "Mr. Graves"� found out about this and she was fired from her job. Her image was totally destroyed and she could no longer stay there.

So Blanche came to Elysian Fields to forget her past, and to have a fresh start in life. When we understanding the circumstances that brought Blanche to Elysian Fields it is easy to understand, because of her actions. Blanche hoped to find new life, not what she actually did find.

According to the scene three, we can see that she didn't fit in the people of the community and into her surrounding, because of her manner. In the third scene, her husband Stanley beats Stella, who is pregnant at that time. She immediately runs upstairs to her friend's apartment, but soon Stanley runs out and screamed "Stell-lahhhh"�. This tells us about their relationship. Stella comes down and spends their night together. The next morning Stella and Blanche discuss the horrible incident and Blanche doesn't like her sister's action. Later on Mitch, Blanche's boyfriend, yells at her and tries to rape her, but doesn't let him. Blanche also doesn't fit her surroundings, because she describes the place as having a "raffish charm"�.

Throughtout the book it is possible to describe the facing between Blanche and Stanley as a poker game. In the first four scenes of the play, Blanche plays a good bluff. She trickes everyone who believes she is a young upper class and good-looking person. Stanley asked her to "lay her cards on the table"�, but she continues her bluff. However, Stanley discovers and reveals Blanche's true past.

In studuying the main character of "A Streetcar Named Desire"�, Blanche DuBois is always extremley lonely and needs companionship. It is necessary to use literal translations to have a complete understanding of her. It is a complicated character and drives to mental illness to Blanche. After she lost Belle Reve, she moved to Flamingo Hotel and was thrown out because of her behaviour and she dated with lots of men also at the army camp. Finally, Blanche is a complicated character who is a virago and was tormented.

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