Blade runner - Tyrell Corporation's motto stated, 'more human than human'. To what extent is this true of the replicants

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To be a human is to have emotions, to empathize with people, and to have memories and a past which you value. In Blade Runner, the replicants express more emotions than any human does. The humans operate as if they are machines, not taking into consideration the feelings of others, least of which the replicants. The replicants, although they are merely 'manufactured machines' begin to act in a more considerate, humane way than the actual humans. When compared, the replicants are actually fitting the description of what it is to be a human more accurately than the humans are.

In Blade Runner, the humans act with no moral integrity and no regard for others. The people of the time live in a distopia where there are no boundaries so nobody has any morals, therefore everyone is selfish and goes about destroying their world without consideration of anyone or anything else.

Tyrell creates these robots who can feel and express emotions yet gives them a 4 year lifespan and condemns them to lives as slaves. He does not even think about the fact that he is creating a life but is giving it conditions and making it live in fear. Leon says to Deckard 'painful living in fear isn't it'. The humans don't realize that the replicants are experiencing emotions just as they do, and when Leon reverses the roles and shows Deckard what it's like to live in his shoes, Deckard still continues treating the replicants as just machines. The entire world is operating as a business, this is why the term 'execution' is replaced with the term 'retirement', when killing replicants. The term is used in order to let the humans go on with their everyday lives without having to think of themselves as murderers, just simply as doing...