Black Like Me

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Black Like Me By: John Howard Griffin Character Analysis In the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin, John was the main character and he had many characteristics that made him such an out standing person. John grew up as a white boy who lived in New Orleans. When he got older he became a racial specialist. He wanted to know what it was like to be black so he changes himself into a black man and went into the Deep South to experience life as a Negro. On his journey he developed many of the characteristic that he has.

John was a very courageous person. When he changed him self into a black man that takes a lot of courage. Also went he in to the black neighborhoods that took a lot of courage. If any of the black or any of the white people found out that John was doing this is could of caused a lot of problems.

To do such a thing as John did takes a lot of time and thought. John had to think of all the pros and cons of his adventures and determine form there what was the best thing to do. But John was such a courageous person he took the risk of his life and his families life just to see what it was like to live in the shoes of a Negro. This also makes John an outstanding person.

John is an outstanding person in so many ways. The first way that John is outstanding is by being a racial specialist. Back in the older days people were very prejudice towards each other and John took the time to try and find out why. John also is very outstanding for taking the adventure as a black man...