The Birds

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In the story "The Birds" a man and his family hide from birds who are attacking and killing people. In an attempt to save his family the man boards the house up with wood. He closes and locks the upstairs bedroom doors to keep the birds from entering the rooms downstairs. All kinds of birds were attacking. The man soon discovered that the birds were coming and going with the tides. He learned when it was safe to leave the house and when it was dangerous. The man heard the sound of a bird of prey's beak strike the door of the house. After the birds left the family went to get supplies from the farm. They discovered the dead bodies of the people who worked there. The man milked some of the cows and took the food.

They returned to the house and the man boarded up the windows and doors again and then he repaired the roof and boarded up the bedroom chimneys.

He thought he saw the navy but it was really the birds. He went inside and turned on the radio and nothing came out of it.

This story was very interesting. I enjoyed reading it but sometimes I thought it was a little bit confusing. I did not understand the ending because they never said if the birds won or the humans won. I felt bad for the poor people who didn't know the birds were coming and were attacked.