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Discuss it's uses, impact on society, The pro's and con's of genetic engineering, groups against genetic engineering, cost involved, conclusion (what i think about genetic engineering)

Biotechnology Assignment

Biotechnology is a term used to describe the use of living organisms in industry, the environment, medicine and Agriculture. Biotechnology is used in the production of foods and medicines, the reduction of wastes and the creation of renewable energy sources. I have chosen Genetic Engineering as my biotechnology. Genetic Engineering is another way of putting Cloning, Genetic manipulation etc.,

Genetic Engineering:

Genetic engineering is also known as genetic manipulation or genetic modification. They all mean the same thing though, the mixing of genes from one organism to another. This can also be known as cloning.

Genetic Engineering Is used as a process of taking one DNA sample and placing it with another DNA sample, to create new living organisms, such as plants, animals and yes, even humans.

However, Genetic Engineering is mainly focused on food and agricultural crops.

Biotechnologist have pointed out that over 10,000 years ago farmers were using wild plant species to change them into domestic farming plants this also happened with the breeding of wild animals.

IN 1627 - Francis Bacon foretells genetic engineering and terminator technology.

In 1973 - Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer perfected genetic engineering techniques to cut and paste DNA, and reproduce the new DNA bacteria.

Discuss its uses:

Genetic Engineers are now using a process of moving gene's around bacteria, plants and animals. However, Genetic Engineers want to take it that step further and start to modify the genes of humans. It is possible for Humans to be genetically modified by inserting different cells into other people (alive).

Genetic Engineering has caught the world by surprise this has occurred as people wish for...