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Biology Grad Standard In this report we are going to tell you about the life in Troy Ville, and how it relates to the life of a cell.

Well the most important thing that's in Troy Ville is probably the City Hall. It contains all the info on the city and all the documentaries of every body in the town. This acts as the nucleus and chromatin. Around the town there are high mountains which serve as a cell wall. Inside of this we have a fence which protects use from a lot of things that try to disturb us. This is our cell membrane. Then we have our wonderful power plant which is always delivering the best of power. This acts as our mitochondria. And then we never waste any thing because we have the best recycling area in the whole darn world it's Earl's Recycling. This acts as our lysosomes.

And if any info must be delivered we always have our hard working post office. This acts as our golgi Apparatus. Next we have our subway and has many passages around town. This acts as our Endoplasmic Reticulum. Next as our food supply is we have Al's Groceries & More. This acts as our Plastids. Last we have our Famous ways of getting things around which is Geoge's Moving Co. This acts as our ribosomes.

This is the town of Troy Ville, hope you can see it sometime.