The biography of Joe DiMaggio

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Joe DiMaggio was an American baseball player, also known as Joltin' Joe, who is considered one of the greatest hitters and center fielders of ever. 1914 He was born Joseph Paul DiMaggio in Martinez, California. In 1932 to 1935 DiMaggio played with the minor league San Francisco Seals. 1936 he began his major league career as a center fielder with the New York Yankees of the American League. DiMaggio led the Yankees to nine World Series titles 1936-1939,1941,1949-1951. He remained with the Yankees until his retirement in 1952, with the exception of three years of service in the United States Army. During his major league career he achieved a batting average of 325. 1941 he established a record by hitting safely in 56 consecutive games. He was named most valuable player of the American League in 1939, 1941, and 1947. DiMaggio also led the league record in batting 1939, 1948, home runs 1937, 1948, and runs batted in 1941, 1948.

His brothers, Vince and Dom, also were recognized as talented major-league outfielders. On Jan. 14, 1954, DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe. Only nine months later, on Oct. 27, 1954, Monroe and DiMaggio divorced. In 1955 Joe DiMaggio was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He died on March 8th 1999 in Florida and was buried in Colma, California.