What is better: watches a film or reads a book?

Essay by mariikaa May 2004

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There are a lot of people in the world, who spend their time in different ways. Some of them enjoy watching

films, but others enjoy reading books, and also there are people, who like both: watching and reading. How do you

think what is better: watches a film or reads a book? There are some differences between them, for example,

watching a film takes less time than reading a book, espacially, if a book is large. If you read a book, and then you watched a film, you could notice, that a film did not conform to a that book. However, a person, who watches films,may not have enouth imagenation to read books.

First of all, as I've said above, reading takes much more time then watching, and I believe that is true. For example, there is an author, whose name was Lev Tolstoy, wrote a book, that called " Anna Karenina ", and there is also a film.

Tolstoy gave a lot of descriptions sach as: what fellings were felt by characters, and long - description of different places, and many other things.

However, on the other hand, a film may not reproduce everything, that was in a book. As, a film is based on

a script, but a script is based on a book, so a film might not correspond with a book. For example, a script -

writer can change some episods, or an end of a film. So, a film will differ from a book. For a model, there is a film;" Black raven ", that was base on a book, and the end of the film was changed.

Finally, some people prefer to watch films rather than reading books, probablly it 's because they do nothave enouth imeganation. They can not image, how characters,