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For my category of choice two I did the knock down of the Berlin wall. I knew that the Berlin wall d had something to do with the communists. I found most of my information by book and Internet.

My for question on the Berlin wall are as follows. What was the purpose of the Berlin wall? Did America have anything to say about the construction of the Berlin wall? My third question was who knocked down the Berlin wall? And last but not least why was it such a big historical event? Those are the four questions I will be answering in the next paragraph.

The answer to the first question is the communists built the Berlin wall; they felt they needed to separate them selves from the non-communist. The answer to the second is the Americans did not have a say in this event, they felt they did not want to deal with the communists. The non-communists knocked down the Berlin wall, they felt the were getting treated poorly which they were. That's the answer to the third question. The answer to the fourth question is it was such an historical event because it was the first time the non-communists did something to stand up for themselves. Today people go to the Berlin wall and take little pieces off of it for good luck.

I have learned a lot on the topic of the Berlin wall, and I found it to be very interesting. I would recommend this topic to the seventh grade students of next year! I would still like to know many thing about the Berlin wall but I really want to know did the Japanese do anything in the war