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Grendel point of view essay Throughout my life, I have been misunderstood by all of God's creatures. My father left my mom and I right after I was born, leaving my mother alone to raise me. That made life for my mother very difficult and strenuous. With my father gone, I only had the love of my mother. My other little monster friends would always pick on me and call me a "Momma's boy". The little monsters would always leave me out because they said I was different. My adolescent life was not easier. I had no group of friends to hang out with. I became old enough to venture out on my own and that is when I was first introduced to humans. I found them to extremely mean and cruel creatures. They could never comprehend the concept that I had to eat to survive. The humans thought what I was doing was a hideous deed, when in fact, they too committed these so called horrible acts.

My father leaving my mother and I has probably had the greatest effect on my life. Being a single mother was no easy take for my mother to take on. She had to care for, protect, provide shelter for, nurture, and feed me without help from any others. My mother did the best she could but she still struggled to provide for both herself and I. I love and respect my mother for all the sacrifices she has made for me. If there was ever anything I could do to ease my mothers troubles, I would do it without hesitating. She was an ideal mother and I could not have asked for a better one. I wish I could do more for her.

Since my mother was the only role model in my life, I emulated her. Trying to teach myself to work hard, have strong will, and determination. My peers would pick on me because of this. I was the "Momma's boy" to all of the kids. They outcast me from all of their groups. I couldn't even hang out with the nerds. I became a loner. I didn't mind that much. The local kids my age were all jerks anyway. I didn't mind keeping to myself. Although at times I think that it did bother my mother. She felt as if she were to blame for me not fitting in.

My adolescent life was basically a mirror image of my childhood. Still a loner, I began exploring the outside world that the humans inhabited. I watched and observed their behavior. They were interesting creatures. They had a similar set of morals and behaved in basically the same manner. It became a habit of mine to go observe the humans and their everyday life in a village called Herot. Herot was the closest place where humans were active. I learned so much about them by observing them daily. They had a king just like my people and their king, as did ours, had several soldiers that were close to the king and obeyed his ever whim.

On one occasion while I was watching the people of Herot, I noticed there was a celebration occurring in a dinning/meeting area the humans had. Strange and peculiar noises were coming form the building. Delightful smells filled the air. I had to get a closer look to see what was going on. I perched myself on top of a large tree just outside the building where I had a good enough view to watch the