The benefits of Distance Learning

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The Benefits of Distance Learning


1. One-on-one interaction with the instructor

2. Self-reliance, responsibility, and initiative the student must have to succeed in an online course

3. You don't have to attend a physical campus

4. People who hate the classroom don't have to worry about the other students


6. You schedule your class time when you can attend

7. There isn't any long commute to a campus

8. The same if not MORE resources for the student to achieve their goals with

Why are Students Successful?

"Research suggests distant students bring basic characteristics to their learning experience which influences their success in coursework. Distance education students: Are voluntarily seeking further education.

Have post-secondary education goals with expectations for higher grades (Schlosser & Anderson, 1994).

Are highly motivated and self-disciplined.

Are older.

Studies also conclude that similar factors determine successful learning whether the students are distant or traditional.

These factors include:

Willingness to initiate calls to instructors for assistance.

Possessing a more serious attitude toward the courses.

Employment in a field where career advances can be readily "achieved through academic upgrading in a distance education environment" (Ross & Powell, 1990).

Previous completion of a college degree (Bernt & Bugbee, 1993)." (

The research clearly shows that online courses are in demand and that students learn as well in these courses as in face-to-face courses (Robert Threlkeld and Karen Brzoska, as qtd in 4). "Two real advantages stand out in my mind: 1) the one-on-one interaction with the instructor, and 2) the self-reliance, responsibility, and initiative the student must have to succeed in an online course. Also, as a first-time online student, I learned and experienced many things. For example, although I have participated in many conference phone calls, the audio conference with about fifteen participants was a...