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Beloved Essay Slavery is a past we can never forget, the torment projected upon millions will linger on like a foul odour. Toni Morrison in her novel Beloved tries to illustrate slavery and its effects. She shows that one must deal with past ordeals in order to attain a future. Stamp Paid a former slave relives a gruesome past and eventually learns to accept his past. Paul D meets up with an old friend from Sweethome (their old plantation) and is faced with many ill memories. Sethe constantly lives in the past, as her history is by far the worst. Throughout the novel , Stamp Paid, Paul D and Sethe try to deal with and maybe even accept their past.

Stamp s past begins with his enslavement. It takes place when Stamp is forced to give up his wife to the master, so that his son can use her as a sex slave.

Then Stamp had figured that all his obligations were paid. So from that moment on Stamp changes his name to Stamp Paid. Even though the previous memory was horrific, the memory he holds on a woman named Sethe is and will always stay etched in his mind forever. His memory consists of bringing a young mother and her day old baby across a river to freedom. Only 28 days later four men ride in to take the young woman and her children back to the plantation. Stamp Paid stared at the men who obviously came for that woman and her children. He ran to the shed to find the woman, only to find that the young woman had sawed at the neck of her crawling already baby. She was about to kill her 28 day old baby too but Stamp rushed over and took her. It was...