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I am sure that there are a lot of beautiful places in the world, and most of them are the result of human activity. But perception of the beauty is different for the different people. In my opinion there is nothing better than the nature creates by itself. One of these places is Long Island Beach.

I went to the Long Island Beach this summer. I expected to see just the ocean and the beach with the people lying under their umbrellas. But reality made a great impact on me. There were two contrast zones very close to each other. The first zone was a little forest with great tall trees which age was about hundred years old. Their crone covered the entire place, and I felt protected from the sun under them. There was a green grass with a little forest flowers that looked up under it. The color of the grass carpet was so bright and wonderful that nobody can create it using chemical colors.

The touch of the fresh breeze was like a touch of a baby; also it made the sounds, and I heard a song that the branches of the trees, flowers and grass sang to me. It was like a symphony that forest played for me. Lying on the grass I could see a blue sky between the green leaves of the trees, and all this made me feel happy inside myself among this beauty.

In fifty steps from this little forest there was the second zone, which was a beautiful beach. Its gold sand gave the warm and was colorful because of the different colors of the umbrellas and bedding suits of the adults and children. It looked like a big bright toy that you could play with. The waves of the...