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In Barbara Kingsolver¡¯s The Bean Trees, the main character, Taylor Greer, grows notably stronger throughout the book. Taylor purchases herself a car and decides her three future goals are to change her name to Taylor, leave town and not become pregnant. She is able to change her name and leave town but on her way, she unexpectedly is forced to take an Indian baby and she is told to keep it. Taylor must take on the responsibility of her new child, Turtle, and they grow very close. When Turtle is brutally attacked by a stranger, Taylor immediately takes her child to the doctor. Because she is not Turtle¡¯s legal guardian, Taylor is told that Turtle must leave and live with her real parents. Through all of her adversity, Taylor discovers a way out. She learns and grows away from her weakness in the beginning of the novel.

In the beginning of the story, Taylor buys her own car and is determined to leave her home.

She states, ¡°I intended to drive out of Pittman Country one day and never look back, except maybe for mama.¡± (Page 10) Taylor is persistent and dogged in leaving her hometown. She wants to get away from her hardships and poverty and find a new and better place to settle. She is ready to begin a whole new life with new challenges.