Battle Of Hastings

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2-*The Battle of Hastings was what resulted after King Edward the Confessor died. Three different men thought that they had the most right to the throne.

*The first man who believed that he should take the throne was called Harold Godwinson. He claimed that Edward had told him that he could take the throne after he died.

*The second man was named Harold Hadrada. He was a Viking and believed that because there was a Viking on the throne before Edward they should once again take rule.

*The last man was Duke William of Normandy, who wanted the throne because he said that Edward had told him that he could take the throne after his death.

*The Battle of Stamford Bridge was between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons defeated the Vikings.

3-The Anglo-Saxon forces consisted of about 2000 men. Most of these men were peasants, (who where on foot) because most of the Anglo-Saxon army had been killed or injured in the battle of Stamford Bridge.

The Norman forces were made up of trained soldiers on horseback who were not tired out like the Anglo-Saxons.

4-Dawn-Troops move into position 9.30 am-Norman Archers loose flights of arrows 9.30am-Anglo-Saxons respond with a hail of javelins, throwing axes and arrows.

10.30am- Hand-to-hand fighting. William's troops are forced back.

10.30am- Mounted knights move forward then have to retreat through their own ranks.

-William falls. Near panic in troops who think he is dead. Victory possible for Harold.

-Bretons panic and flee. Group of fyrdmen rush into gap -William back on his feet. Orders knights to attack. Knights cut down fyrdmen.

-Long morning of hand-to-hand fighting. Many casualties on both sides.

-Knights attack repeatedly but always have to retreat.

Late Afternoon- Events of morning repeated on rightflank, Fyrdmen encircled and destroyed.

-Hand-to-hand fighting...