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She was a blond haired, blue eyed beauty. I looked upon the world with hazel eyes and possessed straight brown hair, which was forever sliding out of my butterfly barrettes. Her name was neither Brittany, nor Ashley, not even Michelle, which were the common names of the girls my age. She was Barbie, which was a name as unique as the lady.

If Bill Gates and all of his worldly posessions were turned suddenly to plastic, then by far the glimmering, luxiourious, pink casted world of Barbie would outshine. Barbie earned these riches. She was an entrepreneur, who took on the world in her tiny pink pumps and with her bright white smile. She dabbled in everything from nursing to rockstardom, from astronautics to fashion modeling, and she even sat behind the wheel of race car for a while. She served in each branch of the military of the United States, and she still had time for her boyfriend Ken, best friend Whitney, and little sister skipper.

With a seemingly effortlessness, Barbie balanced career, with family, with every other adventure thrown her way, and always looked fabulous. If she could do it, then I would too.

Barbie shaped me into the mover and shaker that I am today. I juggle school, with family, with all my other responsibilities. While my smile may not be a permanent fixture, my determination and drive to succeed are never ending.

My figure's not perfect, and my world can't be purchased off a store shelf, but I am confident, I am happy, and I'm forging my own path.