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"Signifying that he was more than human; for all most precious and sacred object are termed augusta" (Dio Cassius) he gained the name Augustus. He was given this title because the Romans believed him to be superhuman, for it took an abnormal leader to transform the Roman Republic. As stated in Dio Cassius, the power of the senate and the people were given exclusively to the hands of Augustus, which technically created a monarchy.

Augustus was the leader who stepped in to politics at the right time exhibiting moral and ethical character, stubbornness when necessary, courage, dedication, strength, and as Augustus says himself "valor, clemency, justice, and devotion." (pg 92) Augustus was ordained to have absolute power in all parts of Roman life simply because he controlled money matters and the army (Dio Cassius). In any government or state, the two most important dynamics are money and security.

Without money and without some form of security or defense, a state will not exist. The popularity of Augustus was due to the fact that "he was always victorious over enemies and savior of the citizens." (Dio Cassius) "They preferred the safety of the present." (Tacitus) With Augustus having full power, the citizens never had to worry about much, because he had everything under control. Odes documents that Augustus "has brought back fertile crops to the fields and has restored.....the military standards stripped from the proud columns of the Parthians...freed of wars...swiped away our sins and revived the ancient virtues..." (Horace) Almost everyone, senate and people, believed that Augustus had fulfilled his duty. (Horace)

Annals documents discussed how the citizens began distrusting the senate, and there were few people living who had seen the Republic. (Tacitus) Since there was nothing left of the old...