Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide Many terminal diseases cause great pain and are debilitating which in turn causes the person stricken with that disease to loose and normalcy of life they had. People with debilitating diseases often become dependent on a caretaker especially while nearing the end of their lives. Because of those reasons many people believe in assisted suicide as an alternative to a long and painful death.

Terminal diseases cause any normalcy of life to be practically nonexistent.

People, who accept the use of them, often have treatments for their disease that prolong their lives but never cure their disease. These treatments are often tormenting such as chemo or radiation, which causes loss of hair, nausea, and extreme discomfort (which in my opinion is an understatement). There are many other treatments for the many other terminal diseases and some of them are cures for some people others are not but for incurable cases I believe these treatments are torturous and I agree with the people who refuse them because why spend the last part of your life in more pain than is needed.

When people are terminally ill they often surrender their care into someone else's hand because they are incapable of caring for themselves. This can be humiliating for people. They are like babies again they have to be bathed and changed. But most people have no other choice.

Assisted suicide is right for some people in my opinion. I believe those who choose to be assisted in their death because they are terminally ill and they will suffer a great deal of pain before they die are justified in not wanting to deteriorate to a shell of a human begin that they were before. I wouldn't want myself or anyone of my loved ones to suffer the pain and...