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Appearance When I was a child, I saw people the way I wanted, I saw poor people murderers and thieves and saw rich people kind and generous, but I didn't see what was inside them.

On the way to New York on the train, I was reading my newspaper very calmly. I wanted to go to New York because of a job interview, I was really scared and afraid that I wouldn't get the job, and would have been sent home with no job.

My mother sent me some cookies, they were delicious and I really enjoyed eating them. When the train stopped in Washington, I recognized a small man that looked neat entering. He was handcuffed to a fat man, who was black and wasn't really neat.

I went over to him and sat beside him.

"Excuse me sir, but are you Jack Robinson?" I asked "Well yes indeed, but I really don't remember you, who are you?" Jack replied.

"I'm Sylvia from Florida, don't you remember me?" I added " Oh Sylvia, it's really nice to see you. Where are you heading to?" Jack asked.

" I'm going to a job interview in New York, I see you are a sheriff now and I would have guessed that this was your dream." I replied.

Jack didn't reply and started looking to the front. The train was full and he started to sweat, suddenly the man that was handcuffed to his left started talking.

"I'm sorry madame, I don't think I've introduced my self, I'm Gabriel, we're also headed to New York. Actually were heading to the Police station." "Oh!" I added without even giving any attention to him.

"I'm just doing my job!" Jack interrupted me " Nowadays my job is really hard," he added.

"Oh okay, lets talk about the days that have past, remember when we were going to your uncles wedding, and we were going on the bicycles and you fell in the pond, and everyone laughed at you in the church." "That was really funny," he replied, "And oh, oh do you remember the time when you stole the motorbike from your mother, and then ran over the hen like a crazy driver.

We laughed and laughed all the time, and gave no attention to the criminal. I didn't want to listen to him, but sometimes I had to. We were really having fun until two men came to me and sat beside me, they started asking me personal question and started looking at me in a strange way, they asked me the reason I was talking to Jack. They made fun of me because I was sitting next to a criminal. One of them kept touching me without any reason, I was really afraid, but remembered that Jack was a sheriff, so I told myself that I was safe. They stopped touching me and started asking me where I lived. I kept ignoring them until one of them offered me to go and dance with him. I told him that I certainly wouldn't go with him to dance. I thought that the men were drunk, they asked me a really impolite question that made me slap them both on the cheek. At that time they really annoyed me. Gabriel started talking to them and started shouting at them, I didn't really care because Gabriel was a criminal, I didn't even thank him. This fight ended up with them leaving, and going to another place, I was really happy that they have left.

A musician entered the train and started playing a song I really admired, it sounded like the sound of water followed by lovely rhythms and different tones. It was a song composed by the Beatles, I really enjoyed it and I was in the mood to dance.

" Would you liked to dance Jack," I asked " I'm sorry, I just can't remove these cuffs and start dancing," he replied.

"I'm sorry, I forget that you were next to"¦" "Next to the criminal," interrupted Gabriel.

"Well Jack, our train will stop in forty five minutes, would you like me to fetch you a cup of coffee?" I asked without even giving any attention to Gabriel, or asking him if he would have liked one.

"Well yes indeed, I would like on please," replied Jack When I went to get some coffee for both of us, a mysterious conversation went between them. As I came back, I saw Gabriel really angry, but also found Jack acting strangely. Jack drank his coffee, but seems that he didn't enjoy it. Jack fell asleep and Gabriel stayed up, I was really afraid and thought that Gabriel will harm me. I tried to keep Jack awake by kicking him on his leg without Gabriel noticing it. Gabriel saw me and then started talking to me.

"Why do you keep hitting that mans leg, would you just let him sleep," Gabriel added At that time I was really afraid and my heart was beating so fast, it felt as if I was trying to win a racing championship.

"What I do is none of your business, so don't question what I do," I shouted.

"Whatever madame, but"¦" "No buts, okay," I replied. It took me a lot of courage to say that, but I didn't think what was going to happen to me if Gabriel got angry. I thought that he would have stole what was in my bag.

There was only two minutes left for the train to stop, Jack woke up and didn't realize that he has slept all that time. After two minutes the train stopped and I waved goodbye to Jack, I went to the northern door of the train, while they went to the southern door. On my way, I heard the two men that sat beside me talking.

"Have you ever seen a Sheriff that has handcuffed his criminal two his left, and then slept beside him?" the first man asked.