Animal Testing: The Benefits

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"Animal Testing: The Benefits"� As a member of the National Academy of Sciences, I recently endorsed the report that supports the use of animals in research. I am aware that some of these animals used may experience pain and suffering, but animal research is necessary for human and animal survival. Animal research has yielded immeasurable benefits to both humans and animals, including many medical advances, including vaccines against infectious diseases, immunization techniques, and surgical procedures.' Although I do not agree with the torturing of animals, the use of animals in research has enabled humans to make many medical advances. "In this century alone, infectious diseases such as pertussis, rubella, measles, and poliomyelitis have been brought under control with vaccines developed in animals,"� as said in the Human vs. Animal Rights article. The article also says that "The development of immunization techniques against today's infectious diseases depends entirely on experiments in animals."�

The article goes on to say that "Antibiotics that control infection are always tested in animals before use in humans."� Along with vaccines to many infectious diseases, animal testing has also helped to make many advances in surgical procedures. According to the Human vs. Animal Rights article, "Surgical procedures such as coronary artery bypass grafts, cerebrospinal fluid shunts, and retinal attachments have evolved from experiments with animals. For persons with a failed liver, heart, lung, or kidney, organ transplantation procedures are available for them because of research done on animals. Diabetes and epilepsy are also treatable today through knowledge and products gained by animal research."� Animal testing is not only beneficial to humans. Animals have also benefited from animal testing, says the Human vs. Animal Rights article. "Vaccines against rabies, distemper, and parvovirus in dogs have all evolved from animal testing. Immunization techniques against cholera in hogs,