Animal Farm - George Orwell This essay is about the use and abuse of language

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In Animal Farm the pigs lie to the other animals multiple times. They do this for their own benefit. The other animals are in autocratic control by the pigs. The pigs are very wily. They lie in two ways. One is changing the commandments without telling the other animals. The other is deceiving the animals on what is happening and what the pigs' plans are. The use and abuse of language in its dishonesty and in its perversions show that the pigs are using language as a political tool.

The pigs lie to the other animals by changing the commandments without the other pigs knowing. They do this by adding phrases at the end of the commandment. This makes the other animals think that they just forgot the last part of the sentence so they don't suspect anything. One example is the commandment "No animal shall kill any other animal."

(88) The commandment now reads "No animal shall kill any other animal without cause." (88) The pigs do this so that Napoleon could kill a group of animals that he suspects are working with Snowball against the farm. Napoleon made everyone think that Snowball is a subversive against animal farm. Two other examples are "No animal shall drink alcohol" (103) and "No animal shall sleep in a bed." These commandments change to "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess" (103) and No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets." The pigs do this for their own luxury. Only the pigs are the ones who drink alcohol and sleep in a bed. The pigs lie by changing the commandments to help themselves.

The second way that the pigs lie is by openly deceiving the other animals. When the brawny boxer is injured the pigs say that he is going to...