Animal farm and Russian Revolution

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Revolution means a change of the social order. It transfers the power from the hands of a class that has exhausted itself into those of another class, which is in the ascendant. In Animal Farm, Mr. Jones, a farmer, representing the capitalist monarch society in pre-rebellion Russia, has a functioning and standard farm in the countryside of England and it includes the typical animals and beasts of burden on such a farm, including pigs, horses, poultry, dogs, goats and other animals of the sort. In many ways the farm also mimics the countryside of Russia during its revolution with its poor and worsening conditions and irresponsible leaders. He works and uses the animals to sell the fruits of their labor so that he may survive and thrive in the capitalist society. However, Old Major, a prize-winning boar has been around long enough to realize his and the other animals exploitation.

He envisions and dreams of a socialist utopia for the animals. He assembles the animals to tell him of his dream and the pending rebellion against the harsh and devil human. He stirs and inspires the animals with his song "Beasts of England". Old Major enjoys a brief period of leadership controlling the revolution but fails to see the product of his vision, dying only three days after initially inciting his new "comrades", an obvious pun on the Soviet's word for friend. Old major is compared to a Russian revolutionist Karl Marx. He was a German scholar who lived in the nineteenth century, he was an idealist who spent most of his life studying and writing about history and economics. Marx wrote books that stated that the only way to establish justice was for the workers to overthrow the capitalists by means of violent revolution. He urged workers...