Animal Farm

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1. Animal Farm 2. George Orwell 3. Signet Classic published by the Penguin Group 4. April 1996 the Penguin Group There are essentially two conflicts in the book Animal Farm. One conflict is between the farm animals and the farmer, Mr. Jones; and the second is between the farm animals and their equally oppressive leaders, the pigs. These two antagonists prove to be almost the same, however, in the end of the novel.

The first conflict that arises in the novel is the animals' dissatisfaction with Mr. Jones' treatment of them. The animals are kept in slavery and are forced to work long hours receiving meager amounts of food. One day, an old and respected boar on the farm named Old Major calls all of the animals to a meeting during which he enlightens the animals to his dream of liberty from the oppression of Mr. Jones. Old Major encourages the animals to rebel and leaves them with a song called "The Beasts of England" which expresses their frustration with their present living condition and gives them hope for the future.

Finally one day the rebellion occurs. The animals, having not been fed for almost two days, create an uprising which results in the expulsion of Mr. Jones from the farm, and that leaves the animals in control. The animals, who are disillusioned with the human way of doing things, set out to create a society where all animals are equal. The 7 commandments that they agree to live by are a list of man's evils that the animals agree to never partake in. They are to be reminded of these wrongdoings by painting these commandments on the wall of the great barn.

After some time has passed an internal conflict arises between the two recognized leaders,