Animal Farm

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Animal Farm One day there was this squirrel sitting on a branch. He said to himself, "I am going to build a house." So off he went to collect some twigs. Then he saw a female squirrel sitting by herself, so he went up to her and said, "Hi there what is your name?" "My name is Samantha," said the female squirrel.

"Hi Samantha," replied the other squirrel. "My name is Joe. What are you doing here by yourself?" "I decided to move away from home," replied Samantha.

"Cool, you too!" yelled Joe."That is what I did." "Really," smiled Samantha,"can I stay with you Joe?" "Stay with me where?" asked Joe.

"At your place," replied Samantha.

"I don't have a place," said Joe. "I was just about to collect twigs for a house." "Well ok let's get started!" said Samantha.

"Let's get what started?" asked Joe.

"Let's start making our new home," said Samantha.

"You want to live with me?" asked Joe.

"If that is ok with you," said Samantha.

"Yeah that is fine with me," replied Joe.

Joe and Samantha collected sticks and twigs for the rest of the afternoon. Then they started to put the house together in a high and large tree. By night fall the house was done. "Wow, that looks great!" exclaimed Joe. "Yeah I think we did a good job," said Samantha.

The two squirrels spent the night in their new house. In the morning they had breakfast and headed out for a walk. A couple of hours later on their way back home, they noticed a lot of smoke coming from their house, so they ran as fast as they could to get back to their house. By the time they got there, the whole house was up in flames.

They both watched crying as their new house burned to ashes, but that did not stop them from building the future together. The next day they got up and started to build a whole new house.