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Animal Farm Essay Napoleon, the Berkshire boar of Animal Farm, is often thought to be or at least resemble Napoleon Bonaparte, the French dictator. This assumption is quite easily justified. Both leaders came to power in a similar manner. They used their strengths to attack the feeble-minded citizens, terrorizing and brainwashing them with the illusion of their strength of state. Although Orwell may have intended to make his Napoleon similar to the French Napoleon, he did not completely succeed. There were some obvious differences between the two.

Orwell's Napoleon, the pig, was a very sinister leader with the huger for a one person run government. He feared Snowball, because he didn't have enough confidence in himself to persuade the animals of the farm to vote his way. He understood his ignorance would falter him, so he decided to use his strength, propaganda, to train the lost dogs to defeat his counterpart.

In the end he accomplished what he set out to do.

Napoleon Bonaparte's traits were similar to that of the pig. He too wanted to rise up and control the "known world." He became the surpreme ruler of a government, which had risen up from no government at all. He was greedy and caused many people to uselessly lose their lives. Some people regarded him as a military genius, and maybe this is because propaganda has a long lasting effect on the minds of the weak.

Orwell's intention may have been to mock the French Dictator, but I found some errors in his story. First, the most obvious, the pig is not an ugly enough animal to depict the facial expressions on Bonaparte himself. Second, the pig was a much better user of propaganda, using it in all situations to cover himself and confuse his people(animals) further. He slowly but steadily turned what was supposed to be democracy into complete and utter totalitarian state. The human version of Napoleon went straight into that state without trying to lie or cover it up. Bonaparte had a stronger weakness than the pig, he did not evaluate things completely before making decisions. He was rather, fixated on rebuilding France, how he believed it should be. The boar was smarter, he sold useless things for the maximum selling price on the market(Boxer). Napoleon Bonaparte did not completely evaluate the value of the Louisiana Territory before selling it to the United States.

It is quite possible George Orwell intended to sneak a message into his story, Animal Farm, concerning his hatred for Napoleon Bonaparte. It is really plausible? It could be, that will all be left with Orwell himself, who can obviously tell no soul walking the earth today. If indeed he did, he skillfully made the traits very similar. The only one thing separating the two, besides physical differences, are the fact the one succeeded and the other did not.