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Origin of the Anglican Church The word Anglican means "of England", but the Anglican Church exists around the world. The Anglican Church was formed by King Henry the Eighth in 1534. The Anglican Church was formed by slightly changing the Catholic system of religion, meaning that the Anglican Religion is a sect of the Catholic Religion with many similarities of beliefs and prayers. The act that set the Anglican Religion as an official religion is called the Act of Supremacy. The Anglican Church was set up and given its powers by the English Crown in Parliament, which still has ultimate control of the Anglican Church's beliefs and discipline. His reason for starting the Anglican Church is because King Henry wanted an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Argon. The Pope denied his request because of the political pressure that he was under. King Henry decided that because he was king that he should not have to follow the laws that citizens or the Pope were to follow.

"King Henry decided that the only one higher then him was God. He declared the Church of England independent and insured that in his religion that the only one that was higher then him was God." King Henry is the founder of the Church of England or better known now as the Anglican Church.

History of the Anglican Church The formation of the Anglican Church also called the Church of England or the Episcopal Church was formed by King Henry in 1534 after he was denied his annulment from the Pope. Henry made sure that he was regarded as the highest figure of the religion other the God himself. King Henry also did not like the fact that the Roman Catholic services were held in Latin so upon the creation of Anglican...