Andy warhol an artist or not?

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Andy Warhol an Artist or Not?

On a daily basis we are showered with images we obtain from photography, billboards, television, and movies. People tend to glance through all the images, since it is close to impossible to pay full attention to everything. The only images that we keep in mind are the ones that are straightforward, understandable and repetitious. Nowadays, many of the artworks appear to be ridiculed. Being mocked of his work, Andy Warhol, the leader of the 1960's artistic movement known as Pop Art, a straight depiction of popular culture and removal of the influential artist, faced many criticisms about his work; whether or not if it was actually art.

Pop art is left to each individual artist since the artwork concentrates more on the topic and less on technique. The key idea of pop art is the modern social values that society holds. The values that were portrayed varied depending on the customs and artist.

Pop art is not considered an art style rather an iconography or the attitudes that it holds. Usually an ironic way to show the social matters of popular culture, but society still uses images and systems of mass media, popular culture, and advertising. Since Pop Art has broken the line of advertising and art, advertising is considered "modern" art, the main transformation of mass culture, which tried to define the separation of high and low art. Warhol's place in art history is challenged. As people question more and more about high and low art, low art slowly emerges to belong into mass culture that consists of reproductions of high art, the unique area of the artist and other elite people.

Warhol was fervent about how systems loose its results after being viewed numerous of times. Because of this matter, he...