The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton Summary and Description

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The Andromeda Strain is a strain that gets caught on a satellite that's orbiting the earth. Due to an accident, the satellite comes crashing down to earth. It lands in a remote part of the country and the government decides to investigate. When they send a team of two into the city, they find bodies, something they did not expect to see. They continue to travel and survey the area but they loose communication with the two and decide to call the professionals.

The professionals send a plane armed with an infrared camera over the area and it picks up a picture that shows three warm bodies. Two of those bodies are the men they had sent in and the third is a man dressed in white still living. They call up a team of scientists and that team moves into the area. The scientists single out the deadly strain in a huge, underground lab room that has all kinds of gismos and gadgets.

The room is prepared for nuclear destruction if the virus is not controlled successfully. The four-scientist, needed to work very quickly to find the antidote. While they are working, the door seal breaks and they needed to work even faster.

To find out the ending you will need to read the book but here's a hint; it has to do with breathing. The ending is very abrupt and is an all of a sudden kind of thing. Crichton could have done better, he did do better. This book seemed to be a trial.


The Andromeda Strain is Michael Crichton's first bestseller. It is a very drawn out Science Fiction book. I would call it Science Fiction because of the idea behind it, the world's first encounter with a biological alien weapon. I thought...