And Then There Were None

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Title: And then there was none.

Author: Christie Agatha Pages:208 Section 1- This book was about ten people who are invited to an island called "Indian Island" They had gotten the invitations from relatives and friends. When they got to the island, they found out that the main person UN Owen did not come. At dinner, they start to hear voices. The voices say that each person on the island has commited a murder. On top of each bed there is a picture frame that has a poem which is called "Ten Little Indians" After one of them is killed they figure out that the murderer is one of them. As more people are killed, one by one, the list of people get little, until only one is left alive. She figured that she would never get off the island anyway, so she hung herself from the ceiling by putting a rope around her neck and kicking the chair away on which she was standing, but she was not the killer.

Section 2- One main character is Sally. Sally is the last one to die on Indian Island. Sally was not the killer at the end. Sally didnt die because she was murdered she died because she commited suicide. She hung herself with a rope since she knew there werent going to be no rescue crew to come and rescue her. Sally had long blonde hair with blue eyes.

Another main character was John. John was the first one to be murdered.