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Throughout the entire history of art, many of the most beautiful paintings in the world happened in the period known as the "Renaissance". The Renaissance featured works by many of the world's most famous artists. Leonardo DiVinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael were just a few of these well-known painters. Many Renaissance paintings dealt with Christianity by either telling biblical stories, or showing famous Christian figures. One artist artwork is a man who is very well known in the art world but not as famous to the general public is Fra Angelico.

Fra Angelico was born in the town of Mugello, which is to the north of Florence. While it is known for sure that Fra Angelico died in Rome in 1455, it is unsure of the exact year of his birth. Some analysis of are history believe that he died at the age of 68, meaning he was born in 1347, but no one is certain (Lloyd, 7).

When Fra Angelico was born he was originally named Guido di Piero and he had a brother named Benedetto. Both Guido and Benedetto were very religious, and in 1418 they both joined a confraternity that met at the church of Santa Maria del Carminen where people gathered to pray (Hood, 23). Between 1419 and 1423, Guido di Piero and his brother Benedetto decided to become Dominican Friars. It was around this time when Guido di Piero underwent his first name change and became Friar Giovanni de frati sur Domenico da fiesole which literally means Friar John of one Friars of St. Dominic in Fiesole (Hood, 25). He only became known as Fra Angelico during the 16th century, which is around 50 years after his death.

The church at San Marco is where many of Fra Angelico's great paintings can be found.