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Company Profile

Company Name : Dell Computer

Location : Texas, United States of America

Type of business : Technology industry

Started at : May 1984

Past and Current condition : Dell Computer is founded in 1984 by Michael Dell with USD$1,000. After 5 years, Dell achieved over 500 million sales. On 1996, Dell opened an Internet computer store and it keeps on increasing the profit, it is worth up to 14 billions now.

Reason for Michael Dell to start the business

Michael Dell founded Dell Computer in May 1984 while he was studying in University of Texas at Austin. He started his business because he wanted to apply his simple business concept - through the direct business model to sell computer systems directly to customers, in order to provide the most effective computing solutions to meet customers' needs during the selling process. Therefore, he firstly sold computers inside the University campus, in this case, he can direct contact with his customers.

Background profile of Michael Dell

At the age of twelve Michael Dell earned $2,000 selling stamps, and by the age of eighteen he was selling customized PCs from his room. He went on to found the Dell Computer Corporation, revolutionizing the business through direct selling and increased customer service.

Dell computer was founded in 1984; Michael Dell began his computer business at the University of Texas at Austin with $1,000 US dollars. At that time, he often hides his IBM PCs in his roommate's bathtub when his family visits. His dorm room business officially became Dell Computer Corp. on May3 1984. Twenty years after, Michael Dell at 40, he is the father of four children and got a great family life. Michael Dell announced that he would transfer the title of chief executive officer to Kevin Rollins, whom...