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*1 The Amer West was once a scarcely populated area but in the time period of the 1850's-1900 it become more+more populated. People like the miners, cattlemen and the farmers were given opportunities to settle in the west and make a living there. Thus they were able 2 attract the people by making it look that were many opportunities and chances to strike at success. They were also able 2

influence the economy, the development of the culture of the West and the population*2 The miners in this timer period were called the "fifty niners" and searched all over the West to find the valuable minerals that their hearts desired. Miners found some in Comstock Lode+ Pike's Peak and it lead to more and more people 2 come and search for valuable minerals as well for their chance to strike it rich. Businesses also took much interest in the west by hiring miners to man the machines 2 mine 4 the minerals.

Many of the people that came to the west were fleeing from depression and hoped to settle in2 the West w/ better lives. With all of these people coming in, the production of boomtowns emerged whenever word got around there were valuable minerals in that area. However, ghost towns also emerged when people immediately left an area in pursuit of another area in the west that is rumored to have valuable minerals. The Miners also added much folklore and Amer lit such as the author Mark Twain. Due to these advantageous occurrences, da West was able 2 grow both in population,economically, and culturally. *3 The miners were not the only ones that affected the West. The cattlemen also played their part by killing cattle for their meat. Since the amount of cattle was great, it was very promising...