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Reaction Paper to Crime Everyday, an opportunity to commit a crime presents its self. Weather its cheating on a test, or stealing gas from a fuel station, the opportunity is always there. What prevents people from committing crimes? According to author Kevin Wright, we think the act of harming another person is "unacceptable"�. There is always something deep inside of you saying that committing crime is wrong. People don't commit crimes because of their socialization. People have also learned that most violent crimes break from the norm, and in most cases, sever punishments can be enforced. Most Americans are law-abiding citizens and the thought of crime never even catches their attention.

Many different types of crimes occur in American society, and most of the time, go unnoticed. The author gives different examples of these crimes. A dishonest student in America's secondary schools is the first example. A student can take advantage of another student for the intent to better themselves.

Cheating in America's secondary schools is said to be "widespread"�, and "epidemic"� in universities. Another form of exploitation in America is consumer fraud. This is when a product is not safe as it is advertised. The product may break after a few days, leaving the buyer angry. Another example would include the father telling his little son that he is not going into work because he is sick, when he really isn't. What does this teach the child? It tells him that if dad can cheat, why can't I? I agree with the author when he says that "exploitation is an integral part of American life."� I know that people are trying to take advantage of other people in school, and out of school. I see it almost everyday too, from kids coping math homework in the hall, to...