American Revolution Characterization

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Benedict Arnold- Benedict Arnold was a general for the Americans during the declaration of Independence. He was desperate for money he gave himself to the British. He was going to betray West Point for the British in exchange for money. Although before he did he was caught, while a message of his was being sent, and then disappeared he died in 1801.

Charles Corvallis- was a general for the Americans and a colonial governor. He captured Philadelphia in 1777 and was a great help to the American army during the declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson- Thomas Jefferson was one of the main writers for the declaration of independence. He was secretary for George Washington while he was president. Vice President for john Adams and in 1801 he became the president.

John Graves Simcoe- John Graves Simcoe was an officer for the British army during the Declaration of Independence. In 1791 he was made the first governor of Ontario (upper Canada Ontario wasn't made yet) Deborah Sampson- Deborah Sampson was a very unique person during the war of independence.

On May 20, 1782, when she was twenty-one, Sampson put herself in the Continental Army at Bellingham as a man named Robert Shurtleff. Later she was excommunicated and got injured the doctor found out she was a woman and her career was over, she died in 1827.

George Washington- George Washington was in Virginia's House of Burgesses during the declaration of independence. He became president in 1789. He was a general during the war and defeated the Redcoats at Lexington.

Sarah Franklin Bache- Sarah Franklin Bache helped a lot during the declaration of Independence. She and her maids made many cloths and shoes for the soldiers under George Washington, she and her maids hand sewed 2005 sweaters. She gave lots of...