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AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998) DIRECTED BY TONY KANE WRITTEN BY DAVID MC KENNA CAST OVERVIEW: EDWARD NORTON "¦DEREK VINYARD EDWARD FURLONG "¦DANNY VINYARD BEVERLY D'ANGELO "¦DORIS VINYARD JENNIFER LIEN "¦DAVINA VINYARD Racism involves bigotry and bias towards those who are of different color, race, religion or creed. The focus of the movie American History X involves racism and its ill effects on modern day societal existence. The movie attempts to convey to the audience how racism breeds and how it is ended.

The movie revolves mainly around two brothers Derek and Danny, the younger of the two. Derek was introduced to racism at an early age. As a child, Derek had told his dad, a firefighter, that his school was acknowledging black history month. His father replied that the "blacks" where taking away from what the whites had already established. An African-American drug dealer killed Derek and Danny's father, who was fighting a fire at the time of his death.

Since that point in time Derek focused his anger on anyone of color. He established himself as a Neo-Nazi. The loss of his father became the fault of anyone of color. Derek became the leader of a Neo-Nazi organization named D.O.C . Derek eventually was placed in prison for killing a group of African-American burglars who tried to steal his truck.

In prison Derek felt that he had to claim an identity and protect himself. He is adorned with tattoos that symbolize hatred and white supremacist values. He decides to display his tattoos by removing his shirt for all to see. He is accepted and recognized by the other white supremacists in prison. Upon his work duty in prison he is partnered with an African-American. He forms a bond with this individual and abandons his racist ideals.