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1.American football derived from two other sports, soccer and rugby. A similar game was played by the Greeks called Harp Aston. The goal was to get a ball across the field by running, kicking, or throwing the ball. The catch to it was that there were no pads and no grass. Tackling was legal and there was no limit to the amount of people could play. The objective of the game is to get the ball and move it to the other end of the field from which you start.

2.There is the National Football League (NFL) which is the peak for most football players. Within that are two divisions, the NFC and the AFC. There is the college football league and the high school football league. There is an indoor (arena) football league which is played on a 50 yard field. There is an all-star game for after every season for the NFL and an all-star team for the Olympics.


-Before the game, the referee flips a coin to decide who gets the ball first

i.The team that has the ball is the offense

ii.The team that does NOT have the ball is the defense

-When the game starts, the team that lost the coin flip will kick the ball to the other team

-After the defense has kicked the ball to the other team, the offense will try and run the ball to the other side or the end zone

-If the player with the ball is tackled or his knees touch the ground, the play is over

-After the kickoff return, the offense will line up according to how the play will go

-The quarterback will be directly behind the middle person blocking for him. He will say Hike and he...