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If a person looked up the word "American" in the dictionary the explanation they would acquire would either be: a.) A native or inhabitant of North or South America or b.) A citizen of the United States. These two definitions represent two different opinions on what an American is. To many people an American is just that definition, a person living in a certain area. But to many, it is a combination of a spirit that will not die a tenacity to live and the courage to be brave. People must know that to be considered an American is an honor. It is a privilege to be a person who is able to make their dreams come true, achieve their goals and be free in a place where opportunity is everywhere and the pursuit of happiness is abundant in everyone's soul. An American is any person who realizes who they are, and what they can become no matter their race, creed, or sex.

To properly define an American by such harsh definitions, as location would not be fair, but limit the capacity of one's ability to identify one's self.

Americans are everyone and anyone Many people's definition of an American is a typical assumption of such standard characteristics as race, job description, and religion. Americans can. be white, black, Asian, or Mexican. They can be Zionists, Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant. Americans hold many different jobs in our world today. They could be heart surgeons, garbage collectors, teachers, secretaries, or students. Americans are single fathers, and divorced mothers, retired servicemen and elderly librarians. Americans come in all shapes and sizes, from all areas of society and backgrounds. Some are college graduates and some have worked all their lives. Many have worked hard at what they are, and few take their status...