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Algebra portfolio Well last term in Algebra I didn't understand much math at all and I was failing. Now I have help from a tutor and I have a much easier experience in math, because all it really takes is to understand the problems. Once you get that down every thing gets simple or at least less hard then it is when you don't know what your doing. The topics I found to be the least difficult this term were the graphing like find "the slope of the line"� problems and exponents are easy also. Something that I still have a little trouble with is quadratic equations, but I think with a little more time and effort I can get it down. To be honest algebra is not exactly something I enjoy but if I had to pick it would be graphing and getting cordinets for pictures and other things that is kind of fun.

At the beginning of the term I could not solve for x, but over time I finally caught on to how easy it really was and know I can do it really fast. I used to make dumb mistakes like divide numbers when the step called for me to subtract now I know how to follow the steps on the right order. So at the beginning this class was hard and I didn't enjoy it, now I don't mind it at all, with the help from my tutor and the extra help from my teacher Mr. Kelly who I would just like to say honestly you are a great teacher.