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Alexander III was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on February 26, 1845. He was the son of Alexander II. His brother was Nicholas Alexandrovich. He was the second son of Alexander II. This will prove to be inconsequential later on his life.

His elder brother Nicholas was never Emperor. His brother died of consumption, which made him heir to the throne. His father died by the "hands of the People's Will." This officially made Alexander III the Emperor of Russia on March 1, 1881. He was crowned on March 15, 1881 at the Dormation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

When he was crowned he was already married. He got married to Danish Princess Dagmar (Maria Feodorovna). He married her because Alexander III promised his brother that he would marry his fiancé after his inevitable death. They ended up having six children and had a happy marriage. He married her because that would give him good political allies.

Now the Danish couldn't let anything happen to Russia because the King of Holland wouldn't let anything happen to his daughter. So for Alexander III its was also a good political marriage.

He became the leader of one of largest countries in the world while it was prospering. He came to throne during the Industrial Revolution. During his reign he also strengthened capitalism in Russia. Although his country was broadening its horizons, he ruled his country with strict control.

One of his political ideas was to make his empires nationality stronger. He was so serious about strengthening his countries autocracy, orthodoxy, and its nationality, that anyone thought to be questioning his power, or the Russian Orthodox Church, was killed. His was a very imposing leader. Being six feet, four inches tall, and rumored to bend steel poles over his knee, when he told...