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The Department of Agriculture is one of the most important departments our government has. It ensures the safety of all the food that we eat. Without them much of our food would either not reach our mouths or it might reach our mouth and harm us. Now can you see why they are so important? The department of agriculture was founded in 1862. Their Administration building was built on The Mall in 1868. Abraham Lincoln was the instigator of the establishment. It was established to uphold the well being of America's crops.

The Secretary of the Department is Ann Veneman. The Secretary reports to the president of the happenings in the agricultural world. He reports on problems there are with the agriculture and how they are going to fix it. He reports on how to prevent problems in the U.S. how to help prevent problems in other countries. But, his main duty is to ensure the countries agriculture will not harm you.

Probably the issue the department is concerned with right now is Foot and Mouth disease. This horrible disease is not harmful to humans but it is deadly to animals. If any of our animals in U.S. got infected it would spread like wild fire and probably kill most of the animals. But, the Department is doing everything in their power to prevent the disease from coming on American soil.

As you can see the Department of Agriculture has a very important job.