Affirmative Action

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The United States has to be one of the most, if not the most, eclectic countries in the world. This melting pot is full of flavors and colors from all around the globe. Instead of embracing and rejoicing in these differences, they have become a burden. This country has an unacceptable history of discrimination towards huge groups of people, merely because they are not of the majority. What is even worse is that this "history" has overlapped into the present day. Technology is capable of putting men on the moon, yet the human soul still lacks the compassion to treat one another as equal. Ignorance is a sad thing yet cannot be avoided, therefore, if people are not willing to level the playing fields out of the morality in their own hearts, affirmative action must be taken.

It is common belief that affirmative action is a way of "paying back" the minorities who have been oppressed in the past.

This is false. People do not want pity for something they were not even a part of. They want others to recognize that the oppression from the past is still a part of society today. On the average, for every dollar that a man makes, a woman makes only seventy-six cents. Also, African Americans have twice the unemployment rate of white people. One does not even need statistics to show that things in this country are far from fair. One will find that suburban communities are predominately white compared to urban settings which are mostly inhabited by minorities. Things are improving but not quickly enough.

Some may argue that affirmative action only creates reverse discrimination. This is when white males seem to be the party being crippled by oppression. That is not the purpose of affirmative action, however. The plan...