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Analysis of Advertisement The advertisement that I chose is for a Canon pc-1 personal copying machine. It appeared several years ago in an issue of U.S. News and World Report. Being that the ad appeared more than 10 years ago, when it was relatively uncommon for the average family to have a copier at home, it seems that the target audience was younger successful businessmen, perhaps entrepreneurs and small business owners. The ad is titled "Having a personal copier at home can save your marriage." Below the title there are two separate subheadings. The right side is titled "A copy of what you ordered", and it shows a photocopy of an order form along with a processed check for a pair of blue men's boxer shorts. On the left is a picture of a women's bikini, and it is titled "What you got." The implication is that your wife is accusing you of ordering the bikini, apparently for an extramarital acquaintance.

At the bottom of the page is a picture of the copier resting on top of a pair of blue boxers, along with a description of the benefits of this copier which, in an attempt to appeal to the businessman, includes "that creates originals of"¦. business documents. And best of all that produces an indisputable record of your transactions." It seems that the ad entices its target audience in several ways. The most basic of these is sexual appeal. The advertiser included a brightly colored and suggestively displayed bikini to attract attention of the male reader. In fact, the bikini is essentially the only colored item on the page, thus the ad uses solely sexual attraction to initially grab the reader's attention.

The young male middle to upper class, especially those in business, relate well to accusations of...