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Advertisement Ads, ads, ads, this is the technique used to influence the most vulnerable people, which are teenagers. The people who advertise knows that at this stage of the life teens are like a bunch of "cows" who follow and copy each others, so they take advantage of that fact. It's really simple because as soon as one person buys something he becomes a kind of an "alive advertiser". This is what I mend when I compared adolescent to cows. I mean it's not only this tactic which works there is a million of ads who get the attention of young people, just look around you and you will find ads everywhere. Sure ads are a good way to sell goods and services, but they also have negative effects on our society.

There is some on TV, others on the internet, also don't forget the names, most of he time very visibly, which are stacked on almost everything on what your eyes lead on.

In the text "Sex, lies, and advertising" by Gloria Steinem the author says that ads affects so much people that even her magazines sales went up since she started to put ads in Ms. Magazine. Advertising did so much for the Ms. Magazine and it wasn't even true ads if per example you take that they put food ads right next recipes. There is from where a part of the title comes from. Gloria know how powerful are ads and when she say that companies such as tobacco businesses "demands articles in praise of smoking and expect glamorous photos of beautiful women smoking their brands" then I find that it goes to far because making ads for cigarettes or alcohol should not be tolerated because this is in part why people such as teens start...