Adolf hitler; a biography of the german dictator

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Adolf Hitler's Historic Background

To understand Adolf Hitler and his rise to power it's important to know the historic background.

World war 1 was primarily the result of the german militarism. In many ways it was the most militarized nation and until the end of that war it was dominated by its military. When it was defeated in 1918, the german military leadership, which stopped the war before the military collapsed, convinced the german people that they were betrayed, "stabbed in the back by civilians". It was an irrational excuse, given the military's domination, but it became a popular myth. The defeat in world war 1 was therefore a traumatic shock to most germans, especially to the german soldiers, and almost no one in western europe understood it then.

This resulted in a very weak post-war democratic regime in germany. In addition to that, germany was divided between a 'western' and 'eastern' political and social orientations.

Today, when germany is a modern liberal 'western' country it's hard to figure it out, but before world war 2, germany was mostly dominated by the 'eastern' orientation that rejected western liberalism and democracy, and had a militarist aggressive orientation facing east, and the 'western' orientation which represented peaceful liberalism was a minority. However, this minority orientation governed germany's weak post-WWI democracy.

In Germany and in its 'sister' ethnic-german Austria there was strong anti-semitism that since the 19th century developed to a strong political force that blamed jews for all problems and trouble. This internal hate was intensified after the defeat of world war 1. This was the background for Adolf Hitler's rise to total power as the dictator of germany, for his aggressive quest for world domination, and the horrible crimes against humanity committed in his command.

Adolf Hitler's early years

Adolf Hitler...