Acient Greek Wrestling

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The first recorded Olympic wrestling match occurred at the Olympic Games in 708 BC. Wrestling was first used for a highly form of Military exercise, but without any weapons. When the Greek played this sport thy covered themselves in olive oil and dirt so it would be easier to grab their opponent. Usually this sport would be held in an arena.

The Rules for wrestling were that you couldn't Punch, bite, trip, or gouge the other person's eyes. Boys could only wrestle men so it was fair. The only way that a person could win is by having the opponent give up. When you give up you had to raise your right hand and extend your index finger.

One of the greatest ancient wrestlers was named "Milon". Milon was from Croton, Greece. During his career he won six wrestling championships at both the Olympic and Pythian Games. In total, Milon won 32 wrestling championships.

Strong enough to carry an ox on his shoulders as a young man, the older Milon died a horrible death when he attempted to rip a split tree apart and one of his hands became stuck. Unable to free himself, wild animals attacked and killed the captive Milon during the night.

There were two forms of wrestling at the games, orthia pale, upright wrestling, and kato pale, ground wrestling, which had different holds and different ways to determine the winner. In orthia pale, opponents tried to throw the other to the ground three times during a match, and a match did not end until this happened. The victor was known as the triakter.

There are literally hundreds of styles of wrestling world-wide today, with many nations having native forms. Among these are Glíma wrestling in Iceland, Schwingen wrestling in Switzerland, and Cumberland wrestling in Britain. But...