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Essay by QT4Nat May 2004

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It became a Saturday routine. Heading home from shopping with my family, we were met by a group of angry demonstrators on one side, police in full riot gear on the other. The issue? The United States intended to station Pershing II's in what was then West Germany. "Nuts," the Germans replied.

Of course, what I witnessed firsthand was the Reagan Administration's strategic defense policy in action. I spent six years living on the front lines of the Cold War in Germany. My life from early childhood has been immersed in defense policy, military tactics, and international relations. I have always wanted to know the logic and thinking behind the United States' policy for defense. I have taken every class that I could on the military aspect of the policy. I have studied the history of the American troops abroad and as a means to an end in US foreign policy.

The classes I have taken at college, and my pursuit of a double concentration in Government ad History, have only strengthened my desire to learn more about the United States' defense policy and to look at the policies of our allies and find similarities and differences between them.

My goal at this point is to first get my Master's degree in Defense and Strategic Studies and then pursue a Ph.D. in Government specializing in a defense related area. My research interests have been diverse, including such topics as the banning of landmines by the British military forces per the policy of the Labour government led by Tony Blair; NATO Expansion and Clinton policy; the United States' interventionist policy toward Grenada in the 1980s; and on a historical note I looked at the players in the Crimean War of the 1850s and showed how the military and political power...