The Abolishment Of Slavery Act 1833

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18833 Slave Abolishment Act

The 18th century made the West Indies become a main trade center due to people taking away fights of normal people and condemning then slaves. First on the list for the life torture were the Native Indians of the Americas and then the Africans. Although the en-slaved people fought for many things including their rights and freedom, none could defeat the very law and the people that agreed with slavery. This continues for hundreds of years for the accumulation of wealth. One british man called William Wilberforce learned that the British public did not understand the evilness and hurt that slavery does to people. This was something that was happening a very long way away from Briton and they didn't understand. William on the other hand, did not think like other people and found out about the poor lives of slaves. He fought against slavery and managed to win the law over when slavery was abolished through out the British Empire. In 1807 it became against the law for any slaves to come from Africa and any boats containing people traveling against their will to work without their will, would be stopped. However, the planters in the Americas were not too impressed by this new act, in fact they still continued to enslave people and profit from work that they did not earn. William continued to work towards abolishing slavery completely and ensuring everyone had their own right. In 1833, his perseverance and his extremely generous mind finally paid off. The Abolition of Slavery Act was passed on August 24th 1833 by the British Parliament which became law on August 1st 1834 where emancipation took place, meaning the act of slavery by the plantation owners against people who were enslaved was now abolished. The act...