1800's To 1850's

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During the years 1800 to 1850, the United States became a nation increasingly separated by distinct sectional differences in the North and the South. The most important of these differences were views on slavery and ways of life.

In the South, slavery was encouraged. It was, for all intensive purposes, the backbone of the plantations. Without slave labor almost nothing would get done. Slaves did everything from cooking to cleaning to working in the fields. The South was reliant on them. When the North tried to end slavery they tried to destroy the southern way of life. Albeit it was a bad & uncivilized way of life but it was theirs. Another thing the South majored in was agriculture. The South was the entire agricultural source of the entire nation. Most exports came from southern agriculture such as cotton.

The North was (as mentioned earlier) completely different from the South. The most important thing they disagreed with the South about was slavery. The North was against it & wanted to abolish it throughout the country. Another item that separated the North from the South was that the North embraced industry. Building factories and cities to better suit the needs of the growing country. Most steel and weapons and furniture and other manufactured goods came from the North.

It was these opposing natures that caused the North & South to despise each other. However, it is their differences that brought balance to the nation. When the rights of the people are challenged (slavery) all hell can break loose and it did, in the form of the Civil War.